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Thank you for visiting my food blog. It has been an amazing culinary journey getting here so let me give you a little background. I started in my first kitchen at the age of 15 washing dishes and helping the chef with prep work. I continued working kitchens and yacht clubs throughout high school and college. I attended a culinary program at the local junior college out of Houston Texas from 1991-1993.  In 1995 I moved to Florida to attend the Disney Culinary Academy. I had the opportunity to work at Disneyland Paris for my third year of culinary school which was an amazing cultural experience! I went from fajitas, salsa, and chips to breaking down whole ducks, poaching foie gras, and putting together salads with 12 different components. 

When I returned back to the states I worked at the Flying Fish on Disney’s Boardwalk, which was voted the number one restaurant in Orlando two consecutive years. I was then promoted to Restaurant Chef at Disney’s Hoop Dee Doo Review. It was during this time that I realized as a Corporate Chef, that I had no outlet for creativity, which is why I became a culinarian to begin with.    After Disney, I went on to work for Roy’s in Orlando, where I learned Pacific Rim cuisine.  The pastry chef quit and I was asked if would give it a try. I had previous pastry experience so I agreed and the corporate pastry chef trained me for a week. I was then lured to Fort Lauderdale, Florida  where I took a position in the pastry department at Mark’s on Las Olas. It was there that I learned advanced pastry skills under Chef Anthony Hunt.

In 2004 I joined my first private motor yacht. On this journey, we would  travel to the Caribbean or Bahamas in the Winter and to Mediterranean in the Summer. Although working aboard a private yacht can be very challenging, it had it’s rewards. Imagine you are docked in Portofino or Saint Barts and the guest have left for a week? Forget about the pan chocolate and cafe ole’, the farmers markets alone were enough to lure me back again and again. 

I have always taken pride in my food photography. I have a passion for teaching and now I am finding my voice to write about food as well. I hope you enjoy this journey along with me, as I start my next chapter of my food creativity outlet.  

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