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Char Roasted Salsa


We all know the best part about going to a Mexican restaurant is knowing you will be rewarded with chips and salsa upon arrival.  Ideally the chips are warm and the salsa is homemade.  You can tell a lot about a Mexican restaurant when you eat there chips and salsa.  I have had amazing and I have had pretty bad.  Fortunately, you have landed on your new “go to” char roasted salsa.  Just a couple of easy steps and you will be rewarded with a smokey, sweet, and tart salsa that your friends and family will love!  Given the number of margaritas your guest has had, they might even encourage you to start selling your own line of jarred salsa!


We all know great ingredients produce great food.  Seek out the best tomatoes you can find.  A traditionalist might tell you to use Roma tomatoes when making salsa.  Continue reading