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Grilled Salmon With Tomatillo Chipotle Salsa

I first made this recipe while working on a private yacht in the Bahamas for a family hailing from my hometown in Houston, Texas. I knew they would love it! The salsa combines three amazing ingredients to make a silky, spicy, and delicious condiment that pairs well with anything off the grill.  I chose salmon since it pairs well aggressive flavors. This recipe of Grilled Salmon With Tomatillo Chipotle Salsa is adapted from the amazing Rick Bayless. You do not want to mess with Rick’s recipes. They are spot on every time!

I buy this Scottish farmed “Loch Duart” salmon from my fish monger. It’s hands down the best salmon I have ever used.  It has an amazing buttery like flavor that is hard to describe. I love using it for Salmon tartar and sashimi as well. Just make sure not to overcook this gem of a fish or you might as well use a store bought brand. Seriously, save your money. 

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